Consulting Management Services

Consulting Management Services provide industry counsel, advice and functional expertise in specialized areas such as strategy, project management, operations, financial advisory, financial engineering, human resources, organization, risk management, IT consultant and marketing.

Consulting Management Services cover the followings:

Project Management

Project Management that includes drilling operations in oil and gas exploration and development. Provide professional engineers, HSE, logistics, supervisors and project managers

Finance Re-engineering

Finance re-engineering that is aiming to minimize losses and improve company’s margin by reviewing causation analysis and risk management then providing alternative solutions and future plans

Innovative Road Construction

Innovative road construction is an alternative road construction and soil stabilization, providing high performance, cost effective and environmentally sound alternatives of new technology to traditional systems

Business Development

Business development is one of the key factors for increasing a company’s revenue. Networking is a real business for business development. We provide channels to develop a link between buyers and sellers supported by professional expertise with qualified skills and experiences