Formalities Services

The scope is to provide a provision of processing work permits, sponsorship assistance, business visas, operating or business licenses, relocation services, other related general services. We assist companies, corporate employees, tourists, travel agents, government employees, and embassies to obtain their formalities needs. Our formalities services cover the followings:

  1. Evaluation/assessment of qualifications of clients to determine eligibility for formalities requirements.
  2. Selection of the best category to suit the background of the client.
  3. Expert counseling on documentation of application and supporting data.
  4. Prepare clients for interview by providing extensive counseling, reading material on various aspects for interview purpose.
  5. Assist clients on complying with the conditions of landing imposed on their landing papers.
  6. Preparing clients for their move (using business visa, temporary living permit etc.) to Indonesia by extensive personal counseling on way of life in Indonesia, advising on formalities to be completed prior to departure, at the port of entry etc.