Steam Turbines: NCON TURBOTECH

Why NCON Turbines ?

We are a distinguished manufacturer of a Proven, Cost-effective, Patented, Profit-making, Energy-efficient and commercially successful Portable Compact Steam Turbine for the Process industries. Coupled with many other inherent benefits and features, it is an Air Cooled, Direct-driven, Oil-Less steam turbine with negligible maintenance cost. The steam turbine operates on Saturated Steam and is capable of generating power ranging from 25 to 5000 Kwh/day (i.e., Units) subject to operating Steam Flow, Pressure, Temperature parameters.

How does it work and for what industries ?

Many industries use PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) to reduce the pressure generated from steam boiler. With NCON turbine, we can generate lower pressure, steam and electricity.

Facts and benefits


  1. LST Model is World’s 1st Air cooled Turbine
  2. Patented Technology
  3. No Couplings, Bearings, Cooling Water Needed
  4. Minimal Maintenance – Fit & Forget
  5. Cuts Turbine cost by 30%
  6. No need for Skilled Operators
  7. Works with variable Steam load
  8. Works with Variable Steam Pressure
  9. Works with Saturated steam also
  10. Provide online monitoring in WEB
  11. Local Service Support in Indonesia

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